Dirty Politics…The Dick and George Puppet Show!

The Saga Continues…

A Saga Series:Part I

Dirty Politics-The Dick and George Puppet Show!

By Nevin Jefferson

This is a Saga Series about the Bush Administration that was like Holocaust complete with a new Adolph Hitler who took away a majority of the Help Agencies and Assistance to those in need for their lively hood,health,and money. He took away the sole income of families,disabled,elderly,and retired. What does one do when your only source of income is taken away from with nowhere to go for help? Where does one go for food after a great number are closed or run out food for a week or longer? What does one do when they can’t get the medications that they need to combat the terminal illness that they have? Necessaries of our well being were taken away by the Rich who wanted to rid the World of the poor,sick,and needy. This series is told through the eyes of a Black Gay Man who’s HIV+.

With the help of the Corrupt and rotten to the core Corporate America and Dick Cheney conspired to get his “Puppet” George “Dimwit” Bush into office twice by way of Voter Fraud and a strangle hold on the Electoral College. Up to that point,my mindset on voting was that “We” the American “People” casted the winning vote with our ballots that decided who would get to live in the White House. That and that the Electoral College was used only if the race was neck and neck between the candidates or a tie. Overall “We” the People found out that our votes didn’t count nor did they matter. Say what chumps? So throughout the years of voting for a “New” President that yours and my votes never came into the total tally of votes and weren’t the deciding factors in who “Wins.” This was the first of many mind screws and lousy screws without a kiss that were slammed repeatedly into us from the Puppet Master of The White House. Dick’s Dumber than Dumb Dummy was George the “Burning Bush” a county bumpkin with the stupidity of a dimwit from the land of Dumb Acres . Dick’s DUMMY character made Mortimer Snerd,a buck-toothed country bumpkin of Edgar Bergen’s dummy character look intelligent with a High IQ. Stupid is what Stupid does and boy did George ever with the lines from Dick’s lack of mind laced with greed and pending doom for “We The People of Screwed!!

Under the destruction of the Bushwhacked Administration our great nation went to hell without the hand basket. At the end of his term Dick and George left a national Debt stood at $10.626 trillion It increased $4.9 trillion during Pres. Bush’s 8-years in office. This Debt pin-pointed the policies of President George W. Bushwhack. By the time President Obama took office, he had a one-year deficit of over $1 trillion and projected deficits of $8 trillion over the next decade. Most of this was the result of not paying for two major tax cuts skewed to the wealthy, and a worthy but expensive prescription drug program that wasn’t paid for. President Obama took over the Oval Office amid a crisis, and the effects of the recession that put a $3 trillion hole in his budget before he even walked through the door. The National Debt has so far increased $2.4 trillion. When you put $13 trillion in perspective and wonder what one could buy with this money: It would buy 16,270,337,922 top-of-the-line IPads, 34,210,526 Rolls Royce Phantoms, or 83 Googles at its current stock price.

Their first act of the Dick and George opened with Bushwhacked going overseas where he defied the U.N and formed The Multinational Forces. The “Follow The Idiot!”Countries are;Albania, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. Countries that refused to join The Multinational Forces were called supporters of Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction. Countries that refused to join called The Burning Bush “The New Adolph Hilter” with the rest of the World hating; the United States with a passion. It wasn’t pretty overseas for our troop who stopped off in different countries being welcome with protest signs.

The Mass Weapons of Destruction were the Oil Drills that belonged to Halliburton Inc. A Fortune 500 company that Dick Cheney was and still is Chief Executive Officer. Under the new leadership of the new Adolph Hitler our great nation was bombed as a ploy to start a war in Iraq. 2,976 people were killed in the 9/11 attack and 6,000+ were injured. Numerous people got sick afterwards from the elements in the air. Halliburton Inc. had a contract to rebuild Iraq’s oil lines that was canceled which was why a War was called against Iraq. Halliburton Inc. still managed to rack up on the oil in Iraq as well as the other Countries that joined forces with The Corporation States of America. Turn about was fair play when the oil wells were set on fire which caused many CEO’s to cry as their profits went up in smoke.

The press was tipped off about 9/11 being reported to Bush by the C.I.A. on 9/09. Bush ignored this report and other warnings from reliable sources. MSNBC reported that the Afghanistan War was planned before the 9/11 Attacks. The war plans for Afghanistan were on Bushwhacked desk on 9/09.Two Asian countries were going to combat the Taliban from the front. After being informed about 9/11 Bush showed no compassion or concern and went back to reading a book about the adventures of a Goose to a full classroom of colored children in the 4th grade who were 8 years old.

Was their public outrage about Bush doing nothing to stop the attack on 9/11?”


Were charges bought against the man who was responsible for 2,976 deaths and 6,000+ injured?”


Was their a call to impeach?”



Because,this nation is owned by Corporations including the News Media of both Print and Network Broadcasting. The 9/11 conspiracy theory was planted into the minds of Mr. And Mrs. America and everyone else with the lie of a Terrorists attack. “We The People” had their brains washed with this utter nonsense with all spins of sensation by Press and Newscast Media that had the America people living in fear. The other reason that Dick and George got away with this is because they’re WHITE!

The Saga Continues….


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