The Big Gay Musical

The 2009 Seattle Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

The Big Gay Musical

Thou Shalt Be A Hit!

By Nevin Jefferson

Fred M. Caruso handed down two top commandments when he started casting for his religion-themed film The Big Gay Musical. “Thou Shalt be hot” and Thou Shalt be out.”  The actors are hotter than hot and go all out in Adam & Steve: Just the Way God Made ‘Em the off Broadway play that takes place on stage while the lives of the actors take place offstage .This Musical has it all to make it the Big Gay Musical that’s larger than life. It has a cast of incredible Broadway talent,It’s under the direction of Casper Andreas and Fred M. Caruso, It’s written by Fred M. Caruso, It has the fantastic choreography of Shea Sullivan, the songs of Rick Crom,the costumes of Bobby Pearce, the Cinematography of Jon Fordham, the production design of Jason Courson,and the musical direction of Jack Aaronson.

It all comes out as a Supreme Musical that’s pure-d-hilarious that’s heavy on the drama with conservative religious families, coming out,coming to terms,being dumped,and falling apart afterwards,and getting your act together again. Center Stage:Paul and Eddie (Daniel Robinson and Joey Dudding) are starring as the first same-sex couple in Adam & Steve: Just the Way God Made ’Em! an off-Broadway gay tuner that looks at the Book of Genesis through pink colored lenses. The musical centers on alternate version of the Book of Genesis that involves Adam and Steve becoming a gay couple after Eve eats the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and gets banished from the garden. There’s a Tammy Fay and Jim Baker evangelists who have a “Gay No More Camp” to heal Homosexuals from their sinful lifestyle. The numbers go from Holy Rollers,Tap Dancing Angels and “God Loves Gays” sung by an Angel named Dorothy with blue and white checks on her wings. Director Casper Andreas and writer co-director Fred M. Caruso do a fantastic job of smoothing and blending drama, religion,comedy, and romance with the combination being very true-to-life and hits the nail on the head. The characters come off the screen as real, energetic, and interacting with one another. The struggles that they go through to be comfortable with themselves are personal and heartfelt. Steve Hayes steals the show in the role of God and has many witty lines as the role of God in the musical show. Each member of the cast having the time of their life in their roles while performing in the campy, hilarious musical show, that has a very clever and a true wit voice over introduction that’s more of a friendly warning for their religious wrong audience. The show calls the bible the “Breeder’s Informational Book of Living Example

Off Stage: Paul’s boyfriend accuses him of being HIV positive so he goes to get tested. After finding out that the results are negative his boyfriend becomes his ex. Heart broken Paul decides to become slut like the sexy chorus boys that share his dressing room. This leads into one of the cute musical numbers in this movie. Eddie is still in the closet with his parents who are conservative Christians who are the targets that the play is aiming at. He invited them to the opening night of the show that doesn’t follow the familiar Bible’s version. Eddie is still a virgin and goes out to a bar and picks up a guy. He ends up bottoming for a bottom an evening that Paul calls pathetic. After having a trick leave after sex when he asks to cuddle has our darling slut go to for a hustle who he gets his cuddling from. The hustler is played by porn star Brent Corrigan. Eddie comes out to his parents on the phone and it doesn’t go well. Eddie didn’t use a condom so he fears that he might be HIV positive and goes to get tested with Paul going for emotional support. Eddie is negative but has to get checked again in 6 months. One of the chorus boys exits the office with positive results and Paul offers compassion and becomes closer friends. On opening night Paul has an admirer who becomes his new boyfriend. Eddie’s parent’s show up and are understanding and accepting of their gay son.  

The Big Gay Musical pulls it off as a humorous,musical, drama,with fantastic production numbers that’s the definitive answer to the religious wrong in an entertaining way with a political conscience. This is a feel good movie with the reality sinking in that life would be better if we accept ourselves just the way we are. The Sound Track will be released soon with the DVD being released next year.


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