Mr. Right

The Seattle Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

Saga Film Review


The 2009 Seattle Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

Mr. Right

By Nevin Jefferson



Emma-Lucy Jules

Paul-Jeremy Edwards

Harry-James Lance

Alex-Luke De Woolfson

Lawrence-Leon Ockenden

Tom-David Morris

Larrs-Benjamin Hart

William-Rocky Marshall

Georgie-Maddie Planer

Screen Play by David Morris

Directed by Jacqui Morris


Mr. Right opens in the studio of a dating service where Emma(Lucy Jules) is telling the match maker that Paul(Jeremy Edwards)her Mr. Right is Wrong for her…He’s Gay! She’s the “Fag Hag” to six gay men who’s she very close to so she would know. This love story of drama-comedy takes off as we get to know who’s who,who’s with who,and who’s doing who. Emma is the narrator and link to the great ensemble cast of excellent characters. Harry (James Lance),was a rugby player and is now the producer of a home fixer upper show keeps asking his pregnant assistant;”Why do I do this?”

 And she tells him;“For the money!”

 She also tells him that she has the father of her baby narrowed down to 3 men. This is one of the many one liners and gay zingers that keeps the comedy element of this British film extremely humorous and filled with Brit wit. Harry is in love with Alex(Luke De Woolfson) a positive thinking failure of an actor and successful cook and cater. He does his best to fight the envy and jealously of his circle of queers who are successful especially Lawrence(Leon Ockenden),the actor who plays a Hunk of a Doctor on a soap opera. Lawrence is recently involved with William,an Art Dealer. The morning after they consummate their relationship they awaken to wild antics of William’s daughter Georgie (Maddie Planer)who’s been out of control since her parents divorce. Tom an artist (David Morris) is a with an arrogant and conceited boy-toy ,Larrs (Benjamin Hart). Tom knows that the only reason that Larrs is with him is because he gives him an allowance and buys him any and everything that he wants. While laying in bed together Tom announces that it’s “Thursday Night” on hearing this Larrs turns over on his side and goes to sleep. (A lot of the gay men related to this scene including yours truly)After having his handy man fall apart during filming Harry hires Larrs as the new handy man. Harry and Alex host a dinner party for Emma and Paul so he can meet the “Gay Bunch” in their entirety. A gay dinner party isn’t complete without “Drama”and the scenes of the dinner party pure-d-“Drama” with a capitol “D.” Larrs boasts and brags about his getting it on and getting off with Harry. Alex exits stage left to his parents home with his taunting big brother. William makes it clear to Lawrence that his relationship with his daughter is more important than theirs. Paul is thrilled,excited,and blown away by all of the happenings and enjoyed it throughly he can’t wait to go to the next gay event with Emma. This begins the first many Emma telling Paul that he’s gay. He’s quite intrigued and very ecstatic after meeting Emma’s circle of gays.

Slowly but entertainingly this ensemble cast finds a clever and witty ways to get past the drama in order to find true happiness in Soho. William finds a sketch by a famous artist in the window of a thrift store. After getting it appraised the first expert tells him that its a fraud and something like this would never be found in a thrift store. Harry produces a show starring William who goes out about town to determine if people have genuine art or genuine trash. He doesn’t give up on the sketch that he knows is by the right artist in question. He makes things right with his daughter who makes things right with Lawrence with the three of them becoming a happy gay family. Alex’s big brother gives him a thick envelope filled with pounds and tells him to use it for his own apartment. Alex gets his own place and starts his own catering business. Acting wise Alex’s lands the leading role in a play about Malthus. Instead of kudos he’s hit by protesters galore and is ripped to threads by the critics. Distraught and dismayed he agrees to move back in with Harry. Alex discovers that once upon a time he used to enjoy having Harry as his Mr. Right. A man who took care of him while he did nothing seemed right to him at that time. Now,he enjoys his freedom as an independent gay man with money of his own and being right for himself not others. Tom who defines being gay as just being sexual and nothing else. After getting dumped by Larrs he goes out and finds another Right Live In Stud to replace him. Harry doesn’t get the chance to go through the motions of being dumped by Alex. Larrs tells Harry that he’s right for him in vain and conceited ways. According to Larrs, Harry is nothing to look at and should be grateful that a stud like himself is in love with him. As for Emma and Paul while out at a gay bar with Alex,Paul winks and blows kisses to a hot man standing in the wings proving Emma right about his being gay. David Morris (Tom) wrote this right script and his sister directed this right film. The two of them both took the risk to self finance a gay movie with a difference that has the right stuff to become a hit in the GLTB communities. Everything is right about this film with it being a great entertainment complete with a creative script,good characters whom you get to know and love plus genius direction. Well Alright!






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