Waxie Moon

The 2009 Seattle Gay and Lesbian Film Festival!

The 2009 Seattle Gay and Lesbian Film Festival!

The 2009 Seattle Gay and Lesbian Film Festival


Waxie Moon

By Nevin Jefferson


Cast & Crew

Director Wes Hurley

Producer Wes Hurley


Marc Kenison/Waxie Moon, Steel Orr, Miss Dirty Martini, Deirdre Timmons, Elsa Von Schmaltz, Lucky Penny, Babette La Fave, The Shanghai Pearl, Ernie Von Schmaltz, Tamara the Trapeze Lady, Ben De LaCreme, Kitten La Rue, Lily Verlaine, The Swedish Housewife

Russ Morgan, Sydni Deveraux,Iva Handfull, Gerard D, Sylvia O’Stayformore, Julio Machado, Bianca Cabrera, Rhonda Soikowski, Jody Kuehner, Monica Gilliam, Ricki Mason, Sean Ryan, Jerry Manning, Marya Sea Kaminski, Miss Indigo Blue,Tigger!,Christopher Blakeley, The Luminous Pariah, Ultra, Jennifer Zeyl, Rob Grant, Miss Inga Ingenue


Waxie Moon is a informative,edu-taining(educating and entertaining),delightful,and simply divine documentary about the one and only Boy of Male Burlesque(Boylesque) Waxie Moon. Burlesque is an art form that’s performed in a expressionistic,tastefully,risqué,suggestive,and teasing while pleasing with a strip. Waxie Moon is the epitome of Burlesque draped with style,soul,class,grace and talent. Waxie is an “Artist” whose craft is the artful striptease of Burlesque. Friends and artists of the Burlesque world told their Waxie stories and praised him to the high heavens. The numbers performed by Waxie Moon were mind blowing and great creativity in dance. In a number entitled “Buttons” He takes to the stage dressed in a outfit covered in shiny buttons. After stripping down to his g-string he leans over a make-shift whipping post. Mr. Leather takes to the stage in full leather garb then disciplines his “Boy” by flogging him. After the flogging Mr. Leather and Waxie embrace and cuddle as the lights dim.

Waxie as a Bride in a beautiful y wedding dress and veil strips down to the bare minimums of a g-string and pasties that he twirls to a tee. Waxie performs this with elegance and grace looking exquisite as a Princess Bride. The greatness of this act can be accredited to his being a ballet and modern dancer. Yes, he’s tall, has great body tone,and has a great physique. But No,he doesn’t look like a man in a dress. He’s a fantasy come alive looking simply marvelous and wicked. A perfect blend of masculine and effeminate sides has transformed him into an object of beauty. An admirer and friend of Waxie is completely blown away and in awe when he sees Waxie as Cassie from a Chorus Line. Waxie does look like quite the dancer in a Dance-Skin putting the real Cassie to shame. The grieving widow in a black dress in veil at the river is a show stopper. Waxie has mastered wearing high heels anywhere like snow and rocks. You go girl! The fan dancing is Waxie’s signature dance with no one coming close. Sally Rand is rolling in her grave! 

In his humble beginnings Marc Kenison studied ballet and modern dance at Juilliard. Fame! For six years, he danced with the outstanding José Limón Company performing in Sarajevo, El Salvador, and for President Clinton and Hillary. He earned an MFA in acting from the University of Washington and co-founded Washington Ensemble Theater (WET), which raised the standard for theater in Seattle. Recent claim to fame includes performing for the B-52’s,Cyndi Lauper, Margaret Cho, Carson Kressley, and Fred Schneider.

This was more of a variety show instead of a documentary which usually put me to sleep. This was a wonderful evening at the cinema starring my peers. This should be on DVD by next year meanwhile,Waxie is taking her act on the road in the West Coast. Waxie, I’m so glad that we this time together.

Saga Notes:Three Dollar Bill Cinema is a member generated organization support your local gay arts by becoming a member. New members will be entered in a drawing for a trip to London. The reception after Waxie Moon was held a Purr. Good food,good crowd,and great karaoke.



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