Saga Interview:A Trucker 4 All Seasons!

The Saga Continues….
A Trucker 4 All Seasons!
Saga Interview.
By Nevin Jefferson

The feature articles about Gay Truckers in the rival rags always dick-shift through “Tricks by CB”, Tea Room Sex in the rest stops, Sex in the sleepers of trucks, Hitchhikers opting for ass since they didn’t have the cash, and sexual adventures from the fast lanes. The Truckers featured in these so-called exclusives were couples who gave their own account of a Truckers life. Of course when the copy got boring the topic detoured to sex. The single Truckers gave a sexual route of hot and horny stops with huge loads delivered in the rear. With all of the heavy action going on do any of these guys ever make their deadlines on time? Is the life of every Gay Trucker an over haul of sex, lust, and sleaze bag follies? Or is there actually a Gay Trucker behind the wheel who enjoys life on the road while making a difference by being different? That’s a copy good buddy!

From Nevin Dear Brian, My name is Nevin and I write a weekly column entitled “The Saga Continues…” for along with featurettes and The Seattle Gay News, I’m also an Activist who’s for the cause and not himself. So, what do I want? I’d love to do an interview with you about your life on the road, your activism, and other contributions to the gay community. Single Gay Truckers are a myth and a slew of Queens will be flocking to you in groves. Not to worry, this isn’t a cheap ploy to bag myself a trucker husband. I’ve been single and celibate for the past 6 years and plan on staying this way. Until God places the person meant for me in my life. Until then, I write, deliver meals on wheels to PWA’s for Lifelong Aids Alliance, Give talks for the Pierce County Aids Foundation, sing in the Church Choir, On the Prayer Commission, and am the spokesman for Fuzeon which has me giving press conferences to the World Wide Media. So, are you interested?

 Nevin Jefferson <>

Subject: Re: The Saga Continues… From: Brian Davis Date: Sat, September 20, 2003 15:26 To:

Hi Nevin, I’d be happy to… But I don’t really know what to do or say so you’ll have to guide me through it. Let me know what you what me to do. Thanks, Brian Davis Brian Davis went from spinning hits in a disco in Phoenix to spinning wheels on the open highway. He had a nine to five job that had him dress in a suit and tie then die for 8 hours in a cubicle. He always wanted to be a Trucker so he went to Truckers School and graduated as one. He’s extremely shy and quiet with a twist of introvert with a heart of gold. When he’s not on the road, he’s involved with various AIDS organizations, Gay activities, Events, and helping and healing others. When Brian lived in Washington D.C. he opened his home to people who traveled there for the March on Washington both times. He donates to various charities, volunteers at Hospices, and is a caregiver to PWA’s who live alone. What a gay, huh?

Nevin Jefferson/The Saga Continues: A good friend of mine became a Trucker and I got to full fill my fantasy of riding in a giant rig on the open highway. This dream became a nightmare when we experienced racism over the CB complete with the “N” word and other bigoted expressions. My friend quit shortly afterwards because he couldn’t take it any longer. I advised him to either ignore it or talk about their mama’s then call it a trip. He didn’t! Is racism still a problem on the road? Have you experienced any colorful language over the CB?
Brian Davis/DJ Trucker: Actually, I rarely turn on my CB and instead prefer to listen to music or OutQ, the gay radio station from my Sirius satellite radio or the dance CD’s I used to work with in the clubs. I only use my CB during traffic jams and at shippers or consignee’s and that’s a big 10-4 good buddy. Actually truckers don’t use “good buddy” anymore because that refers to the person being gay but I guess you could call me “good buddy” anyway.
NJ/TSC: Truckers have the same All-American Flavor of a Sports player; manly, rugged looks, and a strong demeanor. Did this image make you hesitate about being a Trucker?
BD/DJ Trucker: No but my friends were shocked and amused when they found out I was going to be a trucker.
NJ/TSC: You’re in a profession where Gays are made to feel excluded not to mention in the company of Racist Rednecks and other Homophobic twits. Did this cause you to worry about your well being and safety?
BD/DJ Trucker: It’s probably not any worse that any other field. When I listen to the gay satellite radio station, they get a lot of straight truckers that call into the show too and they don’t have a problem at all with gay people or gay truckers. NJ/TSC: Are you a man’s man?
BD/DJ Trucker: I’m single and available nationwide….ooops, did I say that?
NJ/TSC: How old are you? BD/DJ Trucker: I’m younger than you are! NJ/TSC: Oh, really! I’ll have you know that I just turned 37 on the 27th of August. I was born in 1966, I’ll let you do the math. (There was a long pause of silence with vibes of disbelief and having one’s mind blown clear off of the neck.)
BD/DJ Trucker: I’m older than you?
NJ/TSC: Yep! And it’s not to late for you to get me a gift. I collect Pink Flamingos. (In an effort to be honest and put an end to the freaked out and baffled vibes coming live from the other end of the line. I decided to tell Brian my real age.)
NJ/TSC: Actually, I’m 32! I want my readers to think that I’m older. Why? For the simple logic that there’s nothing that a young snot nosed kid can tell me about gay life that he haven’t lived yet. The line went dead!
At first I thought the nice young man took a vow of silence since he is shy, quiet, and introverted. After hanging up I had two messages from my hot topic on my voice mail. When I called him back, I got his voice mail. I left him a message like we both had been doing for the past 2 weeks with today being our lucky day. The phone rang shortly afterwards with a very apologetic Roger Wilco who’s phone went over and out in a course of the interview.
BD/DJ Trucker: I bet you were still talking away on the phone weren’t you?
NJ/TSC: You got it! The laughter from the other end told me that Brian was relaxed and was now into the comfort zone that was being established. My Trucker Buddy now knew that he was dealing with an eccentric fruitcake heavy on the nuts! Or he could have belted down a couple of shots to get him through this interview. It’s possible! NJ/TSC: You were a DJ in a Circuit Bar in Phoenix plus you had a 9 to 5 to keep it company. Was becoming a Trucker a lifelong wish or something to do for the sheer hell of it? Give me the dirt! For those not in the know, what’s a Circuit Bar?
BD/DJ Trucker: Well a Circuit Bar is a nightclub that play the latest in dance music and has guests DJ’s from around the world come in to spin. Being perch in the DJ booth above the dance floor overlooking a sea of hot sweaty gorgeous shirtless guys was wonderful, believe me but I had to leave that all behind. My day job was becoming unbearable so I wanted to do something else. I had always been interested in traveling and trucking and I finally realized dreams wont happen if all you do is dream about them, you got to jump in and do it. So I did it.
NJ/TSC: Are you mechanically inclined? How good are you under the hood?
BD/DJ Trucker: Is this a sex question? I took auto mechanics in high school but that is all a blur to me now, does that count?
NJ/TSC: Brian, during our phone conversation you told me that you knew where the gas goes. Then the too cute story about your hands on experience in Trucking School that got oily. Please relate!
BD/DJ Trucker: One evening in class, I was out checking the engine under the hood when I screamed out “Oh my God!!” and a few of my classmates came over in concern and asked what happened and if I was alright. I lifted my hand out of the engine to show a huge glob of grease laying on the top of my hand and Paul, one of my classmates hit me upside the head because they all thought I caught my hand in a fan belt or something. Then everyone burst out in laughter.
NJ/TSC: One of the biggest loads of bullshit being delivered throughout the Gay Community is that AIDS isn’t a problem. Of course, this made it open season on unsafe sex and risky behavior of the disgusting kind. What really pisses me off is that Aids Organizations are losing donations because the Idiots of the Gay Press are telling readers that they’re fools to donate and support these organizations because AIDS isn’t a problem and hasn’t been since 1996. People who depend these services are being slashed due to lack of funds. I’m left with the damage that these twits have done to people who need help, care, and love. I volunteer for Lifelong Aids Alliance. The budget cuts that they had to enforce put a real hurting on them and their clients. I offered to take the people on my route to their appointments since cab service is being sliced out of the program. They told me their problems and I offered them a solution. I’m that type of gay! As much as I write about the truth of the whole manner, I’m being thrown repeatedly into a brick wall while falling on deaf ears. Ouch! So can you do me and my dear readers a favor by getting on the horn and telling what you see on your side of the road?
BD/DJ Trucker: Well being relatively new to trucking I’m still learning about gay and AIDS issues in the field of trucking. That’s where the Gay Truckers Association comes in handy.
NJ/TSC: Okay, Brian! Tell me about the loss of all of those who were near and dear to your heart. About what you’re seeing and what you told me. Your involvement with AIDS organizations, Groups, and all of the great things that you do to make this world a better place. That people are still dying and that you’re taking care of people. Suicide being a major issue still. Tell me your honest emotions on safe and safer sex. Should it be practiced at all costs? Are your fellow Truckers practicing safe sex or hauling a mystery cargo? Of course, they’ll turn the fucking page. But, hey! We did our part!
BD/DJ Trucker: My first involvement with an AIDS organization was when I lived in Washington DC back in the mid 80’s. There was not much known about HIV or transmission back then and many doctors would not treat AIDS patients because of their fear of contraction. One thing I remember very well back then was attending an AIDS function and there was a guy who was in the advanced stages of KS. I walked up to him and gave him a big hug. I was so scared. I don’t remember his name but I do remember that he needed to be hugged by someone. Since that time I have done volunteer work for various AIDS and gay organizations. During the late 80’s and early 90’s my longtime friends were getting sick and dying. After each time a friend would die, I would hope that no more of my friends were sick but then I would have to make more hospital visits and attend funerals. It’s really tough to see all your friends die, the people you have loved for so many years.
NJ/TSC: I did a road trip to Magic Mountain in California and San Francisco. I loved it! I get a natural high on driving through the great lands and seeing the sites. BD/DJ Trucker: I was just in San Francisco not too long ago during the Folsom street fair.
NJ/TSC: Did you go?
BD/DJ Trucker: No, I did laundry instead!
NJ/TSC: You domestic darling you! It’s better to have clean clothes than being around dirty tramps at a Ho Street Fair. At least something came out clean in the wash! Do you use sheets or fabric softer?
BD/DJ Trucker: Huh?
NJ/TSC: So, what’s a life of a Trucker like? Are you welcomed with open legs and mouths throughout the States?
BD/DJ Trucker: Well its probably not as sexually glamorous as most people think, at least for me it isn‘t. I’ve always heard all these truckers stories about people driving beside a truck and whipping it out or flashing them but every time I look down into cars all I see are elderly ladies reading a map or doing a crossword puzzle.
NJ/TSC: What’s the dirt on Tearoom sex without the shopping bags? Is this every Trucker’s delight?
BD/DJ Trucker: Trucker’s call the Rest Areas “pickle parks”. I’ve only seen one pickle.
NJ/TSC: When I was on the road during my trip I passed out both flavored and regular condoms to the “Our Sluts of The Stalls” sect. Then passed out the literature to the wives, so that they would read it to their hubbies during the trip. Yes, I’m a AIDS Activist who always does his part to promote safe and safer sex. I also carry the safe sex packages with my mug on the front from my stint as Poster Boy for safe and safer sex for POCAAN (People of Color Against Aids Network). I pass out the ones from my fuller figure model days. I bet you Bootsie and Purrfecto (My Kitties) that no man can look at my 300 plus size ass and can get it up.
BD/DJ Trucker: I guess that would be one way of practicing safe sex.
NJ/TSC: Did you become a Trucker for the sex or did you actually make your fantasy a reality because life on the road is something that you really wanted to do?
BD/DJ Trucker: I’ve always loved driving and road trips but when I was driving back from Dj’ing in Austin, Tx, I thought, gee it would be great to just drive all day, see the country and get paid for it so I made up my mind to change careers and go into trucking. I miss Dj’ing a lot but I don’t miss my corporate day job sitting in a maze of cubicles under florescent lights breathing recycled air all day. I’ve always had a dj booth every place I’ve lived and my truck will be no different. I’m working on making a little 12volt DJ booth that I can keep in the back of my sleeper berth. It’ll bring a new meaning to the phrase mobile DJ.
NJ/TSC: People are under the impression that Trucker’s get laid 24/7 with the 9 inch Trucker dick being a trick to turn for. Are you a very sexually active gay or are you storing your cargo for the right dock?
BD/DJ Trucker: I haven’t gotten laid since the Clinton Administration.
NJ/TSC: What are you looking for in a man? If you say “not me!”, I’m going to reach through the phone and tear your tonsils out! Are you an incurable romantic? What do you want to come home from to the road to?
BD/DJ Trucker: It’s hard to say what I’m looking for in a guy because there are so many variables and nothing is set in stone except honest and caring, but I plan on driving 48 states for a few years and buy a house in the country with several acres where I can have a couple of horses and a big garden. Hopefully during that time I can find someone with similar interests. Fortunately with trucking, location of a boyfriend is not a factor since I can take my home time anywhere in the country. It would be if I can find someone who can travel with me occasionally. It gets really lonely on the road.
NJ/TSC: Can I interest you in something Black?
BD/DJ Trucker: Well you know I do have a black Peterbilt.
NJ/TSC: Do you wear boxers or briefs?
BD/DJ Trucker: Briefs when I’m driving, neither when I’m sleeping.
NJ/TSC: Since you don’t have your CB on, can I ride with you? Hey, I make damn good company and you’ll never get bored. Okay, you’re quiet. Big deal! I’m outgoing, get over it Gertrude!
BD/DJ Trucker: I’m going to lock you in the sleeper of my truck!
NJ/TSC: Remember that I’m writing about you!
BD/DJ Trucker: You’ll love my sleeper! I have a T.V., DVD, VHS, Catalina Videos, and refrigerator that’s fully loaded. And of course I play all the best dance music, country, bluegrass and gay talk radio on my truck’s sound system.
NJ/TSC: Kewl! Lock me in my room why don’t you? I insist!
BD/DJ Trucker: You’ll have to fill out my application for cabin boy first.
NJ/TSC: Tell me about the Gay Trucker’s Union? Are they worth the dues?
BD/DJ Trucker: It’s called the Gay Truckers Association. It’s a new organization and so it’s in it’s infancy stage. It will become whatever we make of it and so the dues are important to help it start up. The organization that will give the gay truckers a voice in an industry that it has not had a voice before.
NJ/TSC: Do you own your own rig or do you rent from U Haul? How many wheelers do you drive?
BD/DJ Trucker: I drive a 2002 black Peterbilt. It’s a company tractor but its exclusively mine for the next year or so. The tractor has 10 wheels and the trailers have 8 wheels.
NJ/TSC: Have you ever been tempted to venture out into another exciting career move? BD/DJ Trucker: The only other career move I’ll be making is buying a small hobby farm out in rural America and seeing what I can make of it but that’s still a few years down the road.
NJ/TSC: So, when are you hitting the happy highway trail again? And where to?
BD/DJ Trucker: I’ll be out on the road in a few days.
NJ/TSC: How often are you on the road?
BD/DJ Trucker: I get home for a week about every two months. I could get home sooner but I like to take my time-off in various parts of the country.
NJ/TSC: Do you ever come to Seattle? Where have you traveled thus far?
BD/DJ Trucker: I was in Seattle and Federal Way back in August delivering pallets of junk mail to the Post Office there and eventually coming to a mailbox near you. I have traveled all over the country, from the Florida Everglades to the Maine and Canada border, from San Diego to Seattle with everything in between. I’ve driven every interstate road in the U.S. plus many smaller country roads.
NJ/TSC: Are you a Size Queen?
BD/DJ Trucker: Nevin, I have a big truck with a large engine that sticks way out in front ready to gobble up the rear-end of any compact car in front of me. Am I a size queen? Hmmm, I leave that to your imagination.
NJ/TSC: Okay, since we’re comfortable with one another, can I be your roadside buddy? The line went dead! Aw, Gee! I drove another one away. For real!

You can check out Brian @ . You can check me out @ //http: //
© Nevin Jefferson, All Rights Reserved


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