The Generation Crap! Part III

The Saga Continues….

 The Generation Crap! Part III

 By Nevin Jefferson

May Corretta Scott King rest in peace as her spirit enjoys eternal life filled with peace in Heaven above . Mrs. King commented that we still have a lot of work to do in keeping the dream alive. I fully agree with this because today’s Black generation have turned the dream into a nightmare from Hell. It’s no secret that in the Black community when it comes to screwing something up beyond belief with incredible stupidity no one does it better than our fellow Soul Brothers and Sisters in BOLD, BASIC IDIOT! The “low rider” look is to wear your jeans below the top of your boxer shorts with the absence of a belt being the drop factor.T here are those in the Black community who are the first ones to act unimpressed about fads, trends, and fashion then diss it with crackling hyena laughter that‘s annoying. And are the first ones to copy it in there own senseless style which simply screws it up from there. The degrading and demeaning images shown on television, movies, and videos cast negative reflections on the mirrors of their mind. With their minds imitating art in life form that should be dead and buried. How is this latest fashion being sported in the hood? Pants and shorts are worn just below the knees with a layer of long sports jerseys and t-shirts that stop above the knees. This is accessorized with a gold bracelets, gym shoes and caps with the tags on them. When it’s combined with naps so strong that they break the comb. It’s Street Fashion presents Super Fools! Can’t you just barf! Can’t my people do anything right? Those who can, do. Those who can’t, screw it up. When you’re confronted by this “MONSTROSTY” in public you usually end up having a serious Negro moment. A Negro moment is when you’re minding your own business and find yourself surrounded by today’s Black youth dressed like half naked clowns. Acting loud and ignorant with all of the elements of the N-Word in living horror. When confronted you can either; A) Hang your head in shame then walk away as fast as possible. Or you can do; B) Open up a can a whoop ass and serve it with Black History. Spenser Lane sports the low rider look with plaid boxer shorts, gym shoes without the tag, polo or t-shirt, and combed hair. He’s White! I congratulated him for being a teenager with fashion sense. He bought it to my attention that the other look was HIP-HOP! HIP-HOP? I sure do wish that this latest fashion “oh no you don’t” hops out of the fashion scene real quick. This look does have its advantages for the young bloods sporting this look. When out on the low-down with the pants down, all they have to do is get into a corner, bend over while pulling down the drawers then raising up the shirts to let the cock-mobile speed forward into to the tunnel that merges onto the Hershey Highway. See what not wearing a belt can do for one’s sex life? In my day, you weren’t completely dressed without a belt. The same standard still stands as true in today’s world (Well, my part of it at least). A friend of mine told me about a young Brother out on the drug tip running from the police and fell face first down on the ground while trying to pull up his pants. Dumb-D, Dumb-Dumb, DUMB! In my day, appearances were everything and still is. (To those of us who always look their best because it’s the right thing to do). Today, appearances are a blend of comedies with ridiculous at it’s worst. Once upon a time the N.A.A.C.P. would step in and save the day. They boycotted Amos and Andy off of the air. They pulled the controversial magazine Fire!!! off of the newsstands. Fire!!! was a very out there publication written by Bruce Nugent, Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, and Wallace Thurman. “Smoke, Lilies, & Jade” was a article about same sex desires written by Bruce Nugent. The Negro community sang “Joyful Joyful” upon hearing that Hollywood was making a big budget all Negro cast musical movie titled “Carmen Jones.” Negroes got upset and threw a fit when they discovered that the movie was about a Negro woman who was a whore. They were not ready for their close-up. The N.A.A.C.P. gave its blessing upon finding out that Carmen Jones was to be a Colored musical version of the Opera Carmen. The N.A.A.C.P. clamed down the masses and asked the Negro community to support this film since it was the first one of its kind. My parents refused to see this movie. Why? They’re reasoning was that if they wanted to see whores they could see them for free out on the street corners. Where’s the N.A.A.C.P. when you need them? Not only is the N-Word being said, it’s being heard throughout the nation out of the mouths of thuds on vinyl (CD’s) and said by those who listen to Rude Angry Punks or Punkettes (RAP). It’s spoken more loosely than the loose drawers on a shank’s ass. It was a scandal and controversy when a school teacher of Caucasian fair was fired for saying the N-Word in his classroom. It’s True, that he was using it to make a point. It’s False, that he said it with the hate and anger that was its intended use in it’s Jim Crow days. Dumb, that the Black’s who say it every other word are the first one’s who get upset when it’s said by a member of another race. I heard of ownership of word, but this is ridiculous! With all of the books, movies, documentaries, and historic pictures from the past you’d think that the N-word wouldn’t be used period. Kids should be taught about the struggles and strife that Blacks and Whites fought hard to stop being used by hate groups and other bigots. With the hope that 99% of them would remove it from their vocabulary. Richard Pryor gained fame and fortune from saying it, but reality kicked in when he went over to Africa. He never said it again. Today’s youth is saying it for attention and elements of shock . They know that it brings up bad memories for the older generations with it being upsetting and severely pissing us off. They also know that we can’t disciple them like we were in our youth. Today, it’s child abuse! Some say that they don’t know any better. If they did, they wouldn’t be saying it or doing the dumb stunts that they do. It’s embarrassing to some and aggravating to all who suffered from the usage of this word. It’s uncomfortable for those of other races who had it embedded in their heads for day one, not to say the N-Word. Some feel that since today’s Black generation don’t respect themselves, why should they respect them? Baby Boomers and the X Generation sees this as a bad result of environmental upbringing. At the rate this kids are going they’re either be dead or in jail by the time they’re 21. Stupid is what Stupid does! Speaking of respect , the shot to s**t generation of today hasn’t any! Not for themselves, women, or their older generation who made it all possible for them. For this we get anger, negative attitudes, ignorance in total bliss, and their being a total disgrace to the Black race. Black women are portrayed and labeled as Gangster Ho’s and Bitches. It’s standard fare in the hood for Young Bloods to ask for a turn with their boy’s girlfriend when he’s done with her. Then there’s the hide her clothes trick while all of the boys get a turn. With it being all aboard for the “Slut Train”. For sick kicks , these punks call the girls dirty names in school, public places and in front of their family and friends. The latest slang is “Gonna git me some bitches!” In my day, to call somebody a “DOG!” was the lowest and meanest thing that one could say. If a woman was called a bitch, she’d reply that she wasn’t a female dog. Today, it’s the standard fare greeting! “Yo, Dog!” “Hey, Dog!” “ Dog, Man!” Whenever I’m the recipient of this greeting I reply; “Don’t be calling me by your mother’s first name!” Today’s unruly Black youth greet us older folks as “Old School”. When I was first addressed by this slang I found it cute that they considered the older generation as wisdom and knowledge for the younger generation to learn from. Boy, was I off base with that one. Today’s youth is like school after 3:30. NO CLASS! In Memorial to Mrs. Corretta Scott King.

© Nevin Jefferson, All Rights Reserved


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