Homophobia In Black!

The Saga Continues….

Homophobia In Black!

 By Nevin Jefferson

The Religious Wrong and The Clipped Wing have stooped to a new low, which is startling since they are already underneath hell. And what did these hate mongers go and do to disgust me this time? They found a mouthpiece in Black to speak the hateful and idiotic bigoted ill thoughts that they deem gospel on the front page of The Seattle Times. If this wasn’t crazy enough, they found a person of tainted cloth to preach hatred and oppression. I guess that they were betting on the fact that since the man is a man of man preaching man’s words, it’ll hold true to the unsuspecting public. And since it’s coming from an Oreo point of view their crap isn’t one sided. No, this wasn’t enough to turn me blonde and blue eyed from the shock of it all. The Hate Rally at Safeco Field nearly was though! Thank God, for the Gay Activists and Supporters of our cause kicking their ass in a counter attack. This is another Saga at another time. Okay, let’s get back to where it all started which was the Headline screaming; “Gays are not the nation’s new African Americans.” This was the teaser into the same old yawn and gag bullshit, which is homophobia at it’s hateful only this time in Black. The Religious Wrong and Clipped Wing dimwitted view was repeated in its stupidity by Ken Hutcherson, Cult Leader of Anti-Christ Bible Church in Redmond. There goes the neighborhood! First of all, Gays never claimed to be the new African Americans. Number one, gays aren’t from African nor are they American. It’s Gay Nation, okay? Number two, who wants to be deemed as the new niggers of the 21st Century? I don’t! I don’t like being the old nigger of decades past. Of course, if this were true, I’d be a nigger twice, which isn’t as nice. Since it’s not, I say to this Satanic Leader, “BULLSHIT!” The same bullshit that Mr. Hutcherson stepped in then wiped on the front page of The Seattle Times. He credits over 100 Black Clergy who met in Atlanta to publicly object to the comparison of gay marriage to the civil-rights movement. Duh? There’s no comparison except for the fact that Blacks weren’t allowed to marry which is why common-law marriage is still the norm in the Black Community. This is also why Blacks “Jumped over the broom” which became the traditional marriage rituals for Blacks in the earlier days. This is an attempt to make the Black community believe that gay marriage is wrong. This is also an attempt to make the society think that Blacks feel the same way that the Religious Wrong and Clipped Wing do towards us. Damn shame, ain’t it? You read it here first, the majority of your Black ministers are closeted, paranoid, Queens in denial who are out and about on the “low-down”. Yes, this is low-down, but I’m talking about Black men who have sex with other men and claim that it’s not gay sex since they’re not gay. If you’re getting dick on both ends you’re gay! No ifs, buts, or lying about it! This is why I joined the Catholic Church where Queens rule the altar with no hesitation or denial about their sexuality. Being gay is taboo in the Black community but at the same time they don’t hassle you about it. Why? Because it’s a well-known fact in the hood that you don’t mess with sissies. They’ll f**k you up or have somebody f**k yor ass up! On the logical side, Blacks had to fight long and hard to get a facsimile of Civil Rights. They’re the last to deny others the same rights that they struggled for and still are. In Washington alone, racism and discrimination are as subtle as a train wreck. You know it’s true! Blacks also know that the same arguments used against them are now being used against Gays. Most Blacks don’t discriminate against others because they’re discriminated against themselves. Most Blacks don’t listen to what being said in their so-called churches and think for themselves. Amen, to this! Then there are those Blacks who believe everything someone tells them especially in church where homophobia gets deemed as the living word. These are the same people who get off putting someone else down to make themselves look good. It’s inferiority in Black! This same lot will also tell you that someone else said the hateful crap and they’re just repeating what they heard. Too ghetto for me! At first people weren’t too concerned about gay marriage because it looked like impossibility. Now, that it’s a possibility becoming more and more of a reality with gays and lesbians marrying. People are against it. Don’t go figure! It’s the same for equal rights for gays; people are against it the same bigoted way that they were against civil rights for Blacks. They got over the Black issue now it’s time for these dimwits to get over the gay issues. Ken Hutcherson needs to focus on the main issue at large in the Black community. Which is, Blacks being a large part of the AIDS/HIV+ epidemic. 67% of Black women are infected with AIDS/HIV from heterosexual sex. As I mentioned in an earlier Saga, 10% of Seattle’s population is Black with 3% being infected with AIDS/HIV. It’s more than this because Blacks don’t get tested for the virus. Nor do they use condoms which is considered to be unmanly. In a CDC report published in the February 20th issue of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, 64% of newly reported HIV cases stemming from heterosexual contack were among women and 74% were among Blacks. Overall, 55% of new HIV infections were among blacks, compared with 31% among whites and 11% among Hispanics. And get this, Blacks and Hispanics represent only 21% of the population in the states examined in the report, they accounted for 84% of new HIV case acquired through heterosexual contact, according to the report of Marchione, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/19. Among young people, young women and young minority Americans have been particularly infected. In 2001, teen girls represented more than half at 56% of reported HIV cases among those 13-19. Young African Americans represented 61% of new AIDS case among 13-19. Younger men who have sex with men and younger men of color who have sex with men and are lying about it are at high risk with the numbers to prove it. With numbers like this, these so-called Black clergy and other concerned Black citizens should start cleaning up in their own kitchen and stay out of ours. Blacks don’t think that AIDS is an issue to them because they consider it to be a White disease caused by genocide. At the same time they believe that it’s God’s will for gays who are infected and die from it. Now that it’s in their backyard, I can’t wait to hear what they term it now.

© Nevin Jefferson, All Rights Reserved


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