Scorned or Screwed?

The Saga Continues….

Scorned or Screwed?

 By Nevin Jefferson

One week the Senate impresses us with brilliance and then one week later, they baffled us with bullshit. The B.S. House of Un-Representatives passed a bill that bars Federal courts from hearing challenges to the “full faith and credit” provision of the 1996 Federal “Defense of Marriage Act.” What a bunch of daffodils! The vote was 233-194 to pass this so-called “Mind F**k” that would effectively bar an entire class of citizens from asking the Federal courts to protect their constitutional rights. Thanksgivings is four months away and we already have an over surplus of Turkeys. “Today’s attack on the constitutional system of checks and balances demonstrates the corrosive impact of election-year politics as practiced by the Religious Right (Religious Wrong) and its political allies,” said People for the American Way President Ralph G. Neas. “It is astonishing that self-described conservatives would embrace a scheme to eliminate any check on the power of Congress to restrict American’s rights and freedoms. What does it mean to be an American if the protections of the Constitution can be wiped away by a simple majority vote in Congress? Today it is the right of gay and lesbian American to equality under law that is threatened.” But stripping courts of jurisdiction is a tactic that can be turned against any of our fundamental rights and freedoms.” Ralph G. Neas who also wrote this in a letter to House members before the vote. This proves that they can’t read! Ralph G. Neas didn’t believe that the Marriage Protection Act would pas the U.S. Senate, nor would it withstand court challenge. The House of Missed Representatives rocked his world with this one, didn’t they? My Thanks and Prayers go out to People For the American Way who supports full equality for gay and lesbian Americans, including equal marriage rights. The PFAW (For those of you who are into initials) is a part of the Coalition Against Discrimination in the Constitution, a coalition of more than 120 national organizations who worked to defeat the federal Marriage Amendment. The Human Right Campaign are still holding their noses and breath behind this mind fart that still stinks. “Congress today was sent an historic message to focus on terrorism and it focused on discrimination instead. We will work to ensure that this measure is soundly rejected in the Senate. Like the Federal Marriage Amendment, this bill attempts to undermine our constitutional system for political gain. While some politicians push discrimination, American voters have no appetite for division.” HRC President Cheryl Jacques. A memo released during this disastrous week by pollster Stan Greenberg warned George F**king Bush and Republicans that politics of division is hurting them in very tangible ways. Any gains being made for George “Election Thief” Bush among the religious-conservative extremist base are being exceeded by gains for Senator Kerry among ever-larger groups of voters, including Republican moderates who are 40% of electorate and over 50% of the persuadable. Behind the shifts of these groups to Kerry, Greenberg cited Iraq and “discomfort with the Bozo in the White House cultural politics.” So, was this a ploy to screw gays and lesbians over in attempt to gain the votes of extremist assholes? You better believe it because you know its true! The HRC also accused the House of passing this measure in order to distract attention away for the 9/11 Commission’s report that criticizes the government’s response to the September 11 terrorist attacks. With the HRC getting ready to roll up their sleeves and kick ass, we can sleep good at night knowing that someone is for us and with us. For those of you who don’ t know, The Human Rights Campaign is the largest national lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender political organization with members throughout the country. Am I a member? You better believe it, because you know it’s true! They effective lobby Congress, provide campaign support and educates the public to ensure the LGBT Americans can be open, honest and safe at home, at work and in the community. God Bless you all! Transgenders are disgusted by the House Vote and are simply beside themselves. Cheer up gang, it’s not that deep! This shit doesn’t have a leg to stand on and it’s a thrill teaser to the extreme morons to help relight The Burning Bush in the White House. The National Transgender Advocacy Coalition are joining in the battle to get this f**k with small dicks and no kiss thrown out into the trash where it belongs. Right On! Civil rights advocates immediately denounced this House Vote that makes gay and lesbians couples second class citizens. “This unconstitutional bill violates the notion of Equal Protection by excluding an entire segment of Americans from ever having their day in court. By making gay and lesbian couples second class citizens, House leaders are letting politics rise above the interests of the American people.” Christopher E. Anders, an ACLU legislative counsel. Gay Republicans called this insane behavior an act of “political desperation” form the party’s right wing in retaliation for the defeat of the Federal Marriage Amendment the week before. “Instead of amending the Constitution, they (GOP conservatives) now seek to undermine it.” Patrick Guerriero, executive director of the Log Cabin Republicans. The last time that a “court-stripping” measure passed was in 1868, during the nation’s reconstruction after the Civil War. Legal scholars remain divided about the constitutionality of taking away judicial power. So it’s the same bullshit ploy in a different Century! See, History does repeat itself. The common sense approach to this would be to go back to the very beginning and take it from there. But of course, we know the dumb logic will be applied one so dumb that it’ll really f**k the issue out of proportion. Until the 8th Century, people didn’t get married they lived in lustful sin together. The Breeder Boom began and it still continues today. After the thrill of screwing sinfully grew old, people began having their relationships solemnized by Civil Magistrates. The Civil Union was born. The Church wasn’t in the marriage business because marriage didn’t exist. After the 8th Century, they began blessing Heterosexual Unions with the Church recognizing the relationship. Be it with Brother/Sister, Father/Daughter, Son/Mother, and Man/Farm Animals. Of course, the Man/Farm Animal blessing were done in private. Hence, The Blessing of the Sheep became the standard fare duty of Priests. People had stability in their relationship after having their Union blessed and recognized by the Church. They were no longer living in sin. Of course their behavior changed behind this new beginning of a relationship of substance. They no longer did it every day on the hour by the hour. They resorted to twice and week and the wife never gave head. Hence, why I’m still single! Blessings evolved into marriages that began a big business and a new way of life. What the Church did was accept relationships that already existed. Hence, a Wedding was born. Present day, what’s the difference in have the Church or Civil Magistrates bless and solemnize a relationship that already exists between two men or two women? Our relationships are the same kind of loving relationships that were blessed and solemnized way back in early Christen History. When you define a relationship of the 21st Century, same-sex partnerships make up a majority of the definition. Marriage does need protection! Yes gang, and it’s from the idiots in Congress who are trying to redefine it into something that it never started off as in the very beginning. You better believe it because you know it’s true.

© Nevin Jefferson, All Rights Reserved


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