2 Much Sex N D City!

The Saga Continues….

2 Much Sex N D City!
By Nevin Jefferson

The Saga Continues…

2 Much Sex N The City!

 By Nevin Jefferson

Once again, New York City has the Nation’s pity after finding itself in the same league as Third World countries with 75,000 HIV/AIDS cases. Researchers believe that the rate is higher with 25% of New Yorkers being infected and not knowing it. Until they get tested they never will know with their infecting others. 3.9% of men living in New York City between the ages of 40-49 have HIV/AIDS. 2.8% of all men are dealing with the later stages of infection. 1% of the total population of New York city is living with HIV. This is similar to half a dozen nations in Central and South America as well as some countries in Africa and Asia, according to the good folks of World Health Organization. 3% of the nation’s population lives in New York which makes up 15% of all U.S AIDS case. In 2001, New York accounted for 18% of all AIDS related deaths. New Yorkers die at a rate more than four times that of the rest of the city’s population. HIV is the leading cause of death among New Yorkers aged 25-44 and is the third leading cause of death among non-Hispanic Black and Hispanic New Yorkers of all ages right behind heart disease and cancer. No wonder the Statue of Liberty closed herself down then jumped into the Hudson River and swam back to France. Some New Yorkers are shocked about these numbers because New Yorkers are strictly into safe sex. Others New Yorkers vouch that every gay on the East Coast is a bottom with condoms ruling in the bedroom. If there’s no dick in town they should all be celibate! Other New Yorkers aren’t too surprised at all and thought that the numbers would be even higher than this. Then let’s not forget that New Yorkers are under the impression that AIDS isn’t a problem anymore nor do they support AIDS organizations. Why? People aren’t sick and dying so there’s no need for it. Duh? They also bitch about the cost of AIDS medications which they’re not on or have a clue about. Double Duh on that one! Well guess what Girls and Studs of New York? It’s a problem now! The donations should start pouring into AIDS organizations by the buckets. Now that AIDS is a problem they’ll have to learn how to deal with it. Me? I’m available for HIV 101 classes previous taught at the Pierce County AIDS Foundation and for Positively Aware in Chicago, Il. I’ll teach you everything you need to know and then some. Okay? Upon finding out that you’re HIV+ the first thing to do is to accept it and learn to make it a strength not a weakness. Then find a Infectious Disease Control Doctor. Get a viral load and CD4 drawn so you can find out your viral load and number of T-Cells. If your T-Cells are under 500 you’re going to have to be prescribed drugs to help combat the virus at large in your body. The cure will kill you before the virus will with the side effects being an unbearable bitch. Get into therapy because it’s best to keep things balanced both physically and mentally. I strongly object going to a Group Session. Why? Some of these bitches live for the gloom and doom while out talking one another. It’s a total negative! You want to keep things on a positive plane and maintain a sense of peace within you. Finding your spiritually is important because in times like these Jesus is the answer. Being one with God will ensure you good health and everything that you need daily. Eating healthy balanced meals is a must when you’re HIV+ simply because you have to keep your strength up. Not to mention feeding the medications that you’re on. All of your food should be thoroughly cooked with rare cooked and sushi going out of the kitchen window. Healthy snacks like fruit, nuts, raisins, candy bars, cheese and crackers and milk shakes hit the spot. Cholesterol isn’t a problem when you’re HIV+ because it’s shot to shit with the rest of your body. Broccoli is your best friend because it has a goodie that helps your immune system. Me? I got sick of it, but I still eat it anyway! Choice cut meats, fish, and fresh vegetables , salads, juice, and deserts now make up the shopping list. The stuff in a box doesn’t cut it gang, we’re talking real food here. So, watching cooking shows would be in order if you don’t cook or don’t know what the stove is for. You could eat out but this gets costly and you’re sick of the menu in two weeks tops. Rest is a must when you’re HIV+ with 8 or more hours of sleep becoming a way of nodding. For those of you who were good with 4 hours or less of sleep. You won’t be able to pull this one off any longer. Naps become a way of life with your evenings out ending early. Your body is busy finding off the virus and the least trauma, change, and other drama sets things off. For those who only f**k in their beds get prepared to introduce yourself to the mattress for a good night’s sleep. When you’re prescribed on medications you’ll have to set yourself up with a meds schedule and keep to it. This is health here so there’s no screwing around with the meds. TAKE THEM! It’s not that hard with some you eat with others you don’t eat. Open up your mouth, pop in the pills, swallow with lots and lots of water then call it a day. If you decide to stay in the work force get a pill container then promptly split to take your meds. Me? I take them at my desk and tell people that they’re vitamins. If they ask what kind? I tell them none of their damn business! They say that some of the meds cause mood swings. I wouldn’t know! In the event that you become resistance with the virus in mutation don’t sweat it. Get into a drug study which will put you on a new drug regime with checkups. Just in case you don’t have insurance get into a drug study group the A.C.T.U at Harborview and ran by the UW. They always have studies and will help you beyond the call of duty. I was in a study for two drugs approved by the FDA and are now on the market. The first was tenofovir, the second was Fuzeon that turned my health around. I’m still on both and I’m the spokesman for Fuzeon. Our darling local news channels weren’t interested in the media interview that I taped for Black AIDS Awareness Day. Their lost! New drugs are always on the horizon, so don’t lose hope. God is good! Look at me, I’m still here after being told that all was lost. My Doctor is happy beyond belief because his “Hot Chocolate” still lives. Stress Management is a necessity of life when you’re HIV+ with your not having anytime for nonsense. Life is too short for bullshit! It’s time to want to keep things in a mellow key. You don’t have the time for mind games, mind f**ks, being led down mind f**k trail on lame horse, (Get off the sucker and shoot it then walk along your merry way), and dealing with products of a f**ked up household. Start each day with forgiveness. Let go of the past and focus on the now moment. Living each day to the fullest while enjoying being you is the best way to live it. If holding anger in bothers you the best thing to do is “GO OFF”! Read them like the cheap, trashy, novel that they are. Thou shalt not be a chump! Walking away from idiots is a plus along with tuning out ignorant parties. Reading a book, praying and meditating, watching television, going to a movie, going camping, taking hikes, bowling in a gay league, dancing, and a drive to nowhere in particularly helps you keep your cool. Exercising is good for you too! Yes, it’s time to join a health club. Or you can exercise at home which is cheaper, but you don‘t have the view of beefcake bods. The best exercise that’s strongly recommended is walking. It helps clear your head and helps you center yourself. Safe and safer sex is a most with condoms for oral and anal sex being well stocked in your home. There’s the fear of Mr. Right never coming along because you’re HIV+. If it’s meant to be it’s meant to be! Then there’s REJECTION! No basic biggie, baby! Fuck em! Basically what you’re doing is taking damn good care of yourself. Something you should have been doing all along. Once you get it down to a science it’s not that deep! It’s a part of life that you learn how to deal with while continuing to carry yourself like the class act you are. Works for me!


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