by nevin jefferson
The Lord’s work
over Pride any day
by Nevin Jefferson
SGN Contributing Writer
I found myself caught in making a decision
about which Pride Parade to participate
in this year. It was either the Gay one
on Sunday or the Dyke one on Saturday. I
chose neither! Instead I went to church as
usual complete with an Eucharist visit to
Betty and Joyce at their assisted living
home. Then, I delivered papers for Randy
Van who drives a van with the license plates
“RNDY VAN” for all to see while making
our deliveries.
Randy is still recuperating from being
“un-Christian bashed” by a member of the
“Religious Wrong” that left him in intensive
care for 4 weeks. The zealot responsible for
this was trying to save Randy from his Gay
perversion and sinful lifestyle. What Randy
really needed was Jesus to save him from
the hate conditioned “hyper-Christian” who
go out and practice what they’re preached
after attending services to worship Satan.
Let’s not forget about the other percentage
of damaged minds who get their religion
from Evangelists poisoning the airways of
Television and Radio. I’ll take a God’s work
over Gay play any day, which is the reason
why I nixed another parade in another summer
of “Pride divide” in the Gay community.
Once again, the Gay community became
children of divorce who had to choose one
over the other. Division belongs in math
books! As a Black man, I’d rather integrate
than segregate. Whatever happened to unity?
I hoped and prayed that the folks of Seattle
Out and Proud would sit down with the
folks of QueerFest with the resolution being
“ONE” big parade. The Pride Parade has
evolved from marching in our own neighborhood
to an out in the open location, complete
with stores, shops, and skyscrapers.
This year’s annual 33rd Pride Parade was
two hours long and had 150 contingents
dazzling and wowing the thousands lined
up along 4th Avenue to Denny Way. Earlier
this year, the SGN scooped everyone when
it wrote that Seattle Out and Proud owed a
“cha-ching” $100,000 to the City of Seattle
for the 2006 Pride celebration at Seattle
Center. This year’s parade almost had the
plug pulled out from under it. Miracles do
happen with the Pride Parade being a witness
to all who attended both the parade and
PrideFest at the Seattle Center. Once again,
there was food, booths of the Queer and
organizational kind; complete with music.
This year’s event was presented by One Degree
“This weekend has been an amazing
event. This city can support it all,” Troy
Campbell, spokesman for Seattle Out and
Proud was quoted as saying in the Seattle

The reporter from the Times was stunned
by the Pride Parade that was mainstream
with contingents from Macy’s, Starbucks,
Banner Bank, Seattle Public Utilities, and
politicians alike. The hyper-Christians who
once again protested, were drowned out by
the crowd. For those of you who missed it,
there’s a photo gallery on the Times website.
I love it when the good of God comes into
full completion for the cause of good.


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