The Saga Continues…America the Bigotry!

The Saga Continues….

America The Bigotry!

By Nevin Jefferson

To a country sick with racism,get well soon!” Janet Jackson.


Back in 1776 our Declaration of Independence was signed by our founding Fathers in powered wigs,knickers, and white stockings with big buckles on their shoes. Fast forward to 1972 when asked on a History exam to describe this period of time? I called it Early American Sissies without the purses and other accessories. My teacher called me a “Radical Hippie” then returned my paper an “F”. I told him that I was a Senior and already had my diploma waiting in the administration office. So no basic biggie! I handed him back the test paper after writing on it with the red pen I borrowed off of his desk.

Give this F- To Your Mama,Chump!” With that I swished out of the classroom and down the hallway. What? It was my freedom of speech to pull a Nevinism on the dear old chap. I have Freedom of Speech and everything else. Just like the zealots of this day have the freedom to do the low down and dirty B.S. Soaked with Fear,Hatred,Racism and Bigotry.

Thirty-Seven Years later,I’m a radical Episcopalian in discernment and a “Gonna-”B” St. Francis Friar. What? He called and I answered with half of Washington hearing my booming voice that carries well without a microphone or bullhorn. Both calls! Things happen in two in my life my spiritual advisor told me 2 is for 2 witnesses with God joining in. It rang the church bells for me!

Proposition 8 is a classic example of “Too Much,Power to the People”. The U.S. Constitution is supposed to give us our basic rights. The Supreme Court is as High as you can get without reefer. So, how do pissed off en masses of people vote to have it changed? Stopped? Because they don’t like GLBT community en masses with diversity give them the right to pass a discriminating,hateful,and out and out bigotry Initiative? An Initiative cast with the ignorant beliefs that anyone different from everyone else is wrong and is less than a citizen just like the Blacks were back in our day. Not only did they do it they became headline news as the new thing to do against the GLBT community who are equally pissed off as I was. Note,keyword here,”was pissed”. I released,let go , and turned over to God.! Amen!

Why is the Supreme Court stringing us along on this? From what I’ m reading about the court case is that the Judges are kissing up to the Prosecution and belittling our Defense. Shouldn’t the judges peruse themselves or have a motion for a mistrial with prejudice? What? I watched a lot Perry Mason shows and Matlock. This case isn’t being taken serious like any other case would. If a Neo-Nazi Group pushed an Initiative to Revoke Civil Rights For Blacks. All hell would break loose with the media spinning sensationalism and instigation that douses the gasoline into the flames. If a nit-wited men yokies want to push an Initiative to take away Women’s Rights,the nail files would fly. A brief reminder of the hush that Blacks held when the Civil Rights came up to the floor to be passed again into law.

The thing that irked me the most was that the great number of Blacks who voted “AGAINST” instead of “FOR” They of all people should know how it feels to be denied rights that flashes back to that brief moment in time when we could have lost ours. Had Blacks lost out it wouldn’t have been pretty! How can they of all people vote for oppression,discrimination,and a strong show of hated for the GLBT community. Talk about Nerve! Let’s do a quick review of Negroes Past. In my younger years I heard that the Bible was published so the White Man could keep Negroes as Slaves. It was God’s Will! What? Isn’t God Love?

Texas didn’t end slavery until 100 years after the war thus creating the good old Negro Holiday;”JUN-TEEN!” Blacks weren’t allowed to bunk with White Soldiers during the World Wars with the question of why they’d fight for a country for the Rights that they didn’t have? My Mother had Mr. Jefferson pull every string that he could to get me out of being drafted. Mr. Jefferson was a in charge of a Ward. He had all kinds of favors to call in for me. Did he? No!

The Fighter Pilots never got a ticker tape parade or the Medals of Honors Galore. In Black History Month all of the Inventors and other Gifted Men and Woman never got their due. Not even with 29 days in leap years. President Clinton Honored them and apologized to the Soldiers to make things right with them. Yeah Bill! I overlooked the Don’t Ask and I Won’t Tale It All dropped ball that went foul. Which was why I polled the same question about not having the rights to fight for to Gays and Lesbians want to join and who are already enlisted? To them I say “Right On!”

The Civil Rights Movement marched against the Prejudice,Extremely,Hateful,folks from the Hicksville part of the South and Won! So, How in the world could these so-called Church Folks go totally ballistic and do what they didn’t enjoy having done to them in hateful times? They’re Hypo-Christians! Yes,the Generation that resorted back to doing all of the negative stereotypes that the older Generation fought against and rose above. Yes,the same Hypo-Christians who walk around with nappy hair,clothes hanging off their a**,acting worst than Buckwheat or Tar Baby. Yep,the ones who use the N-Word like it’s nothing business and gets pissed and into the fight mode when a Non-Black says it. You can’t have it both ways! The folks who don’t know how to think for themselves and worship in Hate. Where’s the Love of God? Where’s the following of Jesus Christ to “Love Your Neighbor as I have Loved You!” This is the greatest commandment of all! I have one word for them from Universal Law,”KARMA!”

President Obama has a Swat Team in Black Vans,Black garb,and sub machine guns. This is the first and probably only President who need the upgraded Secret Service Men. Gone are Black Suits with a wiggly cord hanging from their ear. A big part of the reason is all in the stupid raves and rage from Rushed Windbag the talk racism radio show host with a drug habit. 70% of his audience is males who think the way that he talks. Now had the Windbag said the same or similar things about George W. He would be yanked off of the air and accused of being a Terrorist. And you know its true. The only reason that Windbag is saying this is because he knows that he can get away with it. And the dumb powers that be let him get away with it. Newsweek Magazine threw this on there cover along with a columnist would casted doubt about President Obama not being able to cut it in the White House. After all of the damages that the Burning Bush did including dragging the nation to a financial not one article was written about it. The good news is that President Obama is going to sign the Human Rights Bill to protect those who diversity gets them killed in other countries and with gay bashing on the rise over here in the U.S. Of A. The Burning Bush refused to sign it. This is from Satan in Christian’s clothing! Going for a new low in homophobia Fox News’ Bill O’Riled Up boycotting Sean Penn films because of the stance for Gay Rights after winning the Oscar for Best Actor in the marvelous film Milk. It seems like the slamming the GLBT gains one’s media coverage to no end. What happened to having a Rebuttal from the other side-ours. It ain’t happening! Why because John Q. Public doesn’t want to hear it…they’re offended by it. Don’t ponder on this one, you’ll go nuts!

More good news,President Obama is going to overturn the Don’t Ask garbage that was left behind in the White House. We are now being led into an “I Can!” era with strong positive thoughts and acts of responsibility from our fellow man. Everyone is showing their true colors just like in the Episcopal Church after electing the best candidate for the job of Bishop who happens to be gay and in a long relationship with another man. America,the land suffering from an epidemic of racism…Get Well Soon!



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  1. This comment describes Texas to the “T”.

    Texans are just plain haters from their birth to their death.

    It’s their way of life an no one is going to take it away from them – ever. If they try they might find themselves being dragged to death behind a pick-up truck!

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