The Saga Continues…World Stupidity Day!

D Best of Saga’s….World Stupidity Day!

Archive 2002

The Saga Continues….
World Stupidity Day!
By Nevin Jefferson

The media had a field day with all of the World wide and National coverage for World Aids Day. The news clips were shocking with sensation while milking every drop of emotions. Each and every Anchor acted like they were hearing this for the first time while acting stunned, amazed, and baffled by AIDS and its aftermath. They should have interviewed me, I would have set each and everyone of them straight. (No pun intended). While educating fully and complete with their being a scholar on the top of AIDS/HIV along with the latest facts and figures on new cases of HIV+ and STD’s. The media loves to instigate and strip away the truth making it slander and hearsay. If they tap into my sources, they’d have the highest ratings and win all of the awards. “Plastic” people make Barbie look intelligent! Now, I take you back to the Saga…. . The news clip about a PWA, male, married, and living in India failed to catch my attention. It wasn’t until the man shared a secret remedy on curing yourself from AIDS was broadcast from my screen. When I stopped rough housing Bootsie and paid attention with my blunder kitty having a fit. The cure for AIDS and to live a long life is to chug piss! This is too sick for a comment! The News Anchor had a ball with this one while making it sound serious with heavy drama. “Drinking urine may save your life if you have AIDS”. The why that this twit was reacting to this reality. I thought that any minute he’d be announcing the opening of a chain of urinals in India and surrounding countries. I flipped off the idiot on the screen then changed the channel to the Game Show Network. While in-between game shows, I switched back to the news station that had managed to grate my last nerve that’s have a convulsion. Next up, two dirty, half-naked, crying 7-year-old boy with his 5-year-old sister. The latest residents of the AIDS orphanage were exploited to the full extent. Have these people no shame? I now take you to Magic Johnson. Mr. Johnson faced the audience dressed in an expensive suit with equally costing shoes on those boats of his. Damn, that man got big feet! Magic waved his wand over the fact that new AIDS cases are on the rise and people aren’t practicing safe sex plus no one is helping with AIDS awareness while advocating for safe sex. Really? I wonder what I’ve been writing about for the past umpteenth years? I also wonder what I’ve been doing and sharing with you my dear readers for the past 20 years? And now for the killer, Magic looked directly into the camera and announced that every 15 minutes 5 people disappear from AIDS. No shit! The man showed no emotion, compassion, empathy, or love about this devastating time bomb. Gee, I wonder why? I’ll tell you why. The neatly expensive, dressed man seated next to Magic was announced as his Personal Assistant and PR man. The gentleman had cue cards on his lap that he had been cuing Magic from. The trick here was that Magic read the latest news release without dressing them up for human interest purposes. I went to AMC channel and enjoyed a classic movie. A glutton for punishment, I went back to the news. I love how the media saves the worst and disgusting beyond belief news segment for last. Why do they do this? To keep you from changing the channel or doing anything else during this telecast. Perverts worldwide are under the belief that you can cure yourself of AIDS and live longer by becoming a pedophile! The big story here was that ding bats are molesting children for selfish reasons. What is being done to protect these children? No wonder this world is so f**ked up! Since HIV+ people aren’t worthy and lack interest in bad journalist standards. Everyone in every segment was announced as having AIDS like it was something filthy. The brave souls in the news clip did inform the news moron doing the interview that they were indeed HIV+. This fact was ignored while probing for gloom, doom, death, and dying faced by these poor gays in their day to day life. They looked healthy as a horse and out galloped the loaded questions. Of course they had segments featuring young sluts bragging about 24/7 f**king. They never use a condom and they don’t plan on using one no time too soon. I see an infection that’ll rock their world in their immediate future. Once again, the ball was dropped with this display of being selfish, self-centered, and insensitive to others. No self-respect or self-esteem. Lord, help these people. The follow up question that would have scooped the story was never asked. The question being, “When were you last tested?” Then follow up with, “Are you really sure about your status?” My mother used to tell me that when my calling came I was deaf and didn’t hear it. The Religious Wrong views this twisted and lie based newscast as gospel and uses it against us in their attacks. My mother also told me never to believe anything that I saw or read in the newspaper. Apply my own logic, common sense, and all of the brains that God gave me to filter to the truth of the story. She was right, again! Thanks Ma! Over in U.K. territory, new HIV cases went up a notch between January and September 2003 with 5,711 new diagnoses thus far. With 20% being recorded as the current total for new HIV cases. Gay and Bisexuals Royal Family contributed to 1,691 of the new cases. The breeders out f**ked the gays with 3,305 cases to prove it. The Royal Clap doubled in applause while syphilis cases shot up from 52 to 607 in the same time frame as the new cases. The GUM clinics are bitching about not having enough for treatment of STIs. The waiting times at clinics are already a long 6 weeks which gives people an excuse not to get tested. In a recent survey, 20% vowed never to tell a partner if they’re infected with an STI. (Sexually Transmitted Infection). 50% aren’t about to slow down from having promiscuous sex until their dick fall off and their ass seal shut. James Davensport, U.K. Conservative leader jumped into the spotlight with this little mama. “Lack of funding and service provision, an absence of proper education and awareness campaigns from the government, and a sexual health strategy which treats HIV as no different from other, easily curable, illnesses have led to this massive increase.” Take a bow, Dearie! The Government ignored AIDS from day one with God fearing gays and lesbians taking the issue into thier own hands. This is how ACT/UP and AIDS Activism was born. 20 years later the Government still refuses to admit or acknowledge the fact that this deadly disease exists. Gays and Lesbians are still doing their part in saving, healing, and helping the gay community. If only we could talk some sense into these sexual minefields who refuse to use a condom as ammunition in the battle against AIDS and STD’s. Back in the U.S. of Gay, HIV testing did a bungee jump to hell with 25% (1/3) of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender confessing that they have never been tested for HIV. Not to be outdone in the f**king for sport arena Breeders claimed a victory over here as well. 59% (6 of out 10) of Mr. And Mrs. Straightville proudly admitted that they haven’t been tested then hit the streets, Internet, and sleazy dives that fuel a sex craved America. To really rub their victory in their gay counterparts faces they high-fived the fact that they don’t get tested because they’re not at risk. A dumbfounded 80% (8 out of 10) stood behind their word. Gays are sticking to their “AIDS is not a problem” story. Keep believing this shit, okay? Raw meat is bad for you! Cock under condom should be the 2-Day’s Special on the menu of your sex life. The United Nations are too through over that fact that international efforts to control the spread of HIV/AIDS isn’t happening. With people vying to be a sexual object without any strings attached or last name the numbers will be higher than heaven. Syphilis is on the rise and still infectious as ever for the second year in a roll. In 2002, appalled Doctors reported 6,862 syphilis cases in the United States, an increase of 12.4% ahead of 2001. Of course, the numbers are higher because syphilis cases go unnoticed and undiagnosed. GWM reaped 85.2% of being infected. Syphilis is kicking the hell out of San Francisco, Detroit, Atlanta, and Baltimore. In San Francisco, 4 out of every 10,00 people were diagnosed with syphilis in 2002, 10 times the rate in Los Angeles. No comment! San Francisco Health Authorities reported that the total number of syphilis cases in the city in 2003 will be higher than 2002. Really? They’re now conducting all out aggressive testing programs. HIV+ men make up half of the 40% syphilis cases among their gay counterparts. Back in Seattle, the standard fare syphilis rate among gay men is 2 out of ever 1,000, which is higher since some of the girls and guys from clique city aren’t getting tested. 2 / 3 of the men diagnosed with syphilis are HIV+. Don’t ask, no ass! Health Divas are recommending that gays who f**k strangers get STD check-ups as many as 4 times a year. Stepping up to bat, Dr. Ronald O. Valdiserri, Deputy Direct of the CDC. “We’re combating the emerging challenge, but given the complex challenges that gay and bisexual men face, we don’t expect to see immediate results from our efforts.” Define complex challenges? There’s no excuse for being irresponsible and playing Russian Roulette with a loaded gun. There is hope, Gonorrhea dropped in the numbers department with 351,852 cases. This is termed a common problem for bottoms since they’re on the receiving end. The super doze is still lurking out there in the shadows with strains that are immune to commonly used drugs. What a year, huh?
© Nevin Jefferson, All Rights Reserved


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