The Saga Continues…Singlesville

D Best of Saga’s….Singlesville

Archive 2002

The Saga Continues….
By Nevin Jefferson

Singlesville is a great place to live until that “special” someone finally arrives in town. Self-change is the only game in town and playing it right can make the winner in you. Rosie Palm, La’ Finger, your imagination, and porn becomes your lover. This way you won’t become a sexual time bomb waiting to go off. You’ll get off and satisfied by your lonesome, easing sexual tensions with no needs or desires afterwards. Become actively looking by placing an ad in the personals and answering only those that interest you. Set your sites on wanting the best that life has to offer and be picky about it. Don’t get your hopes up, it’s a way to get detours onto your roadway of life and open windows and doors. You’re making a way for dates to happen and doing something about being single. And remember, you already have a lover! Do this as you stake your claims and setup home in a town that has a lot to offer. Home is where the heart is, keep it in a loving and positive manner. Putting out positive vibes out into the comics and karma sphere will result with positive energy returning to you. To love to live there is the road to loving yourself while improving on personal traits and taste. Learn to do things on your own with personal growth, independence, self-reliance, and enjoying your own company forth coming. Everyday is a new day leaving yesterday behind with the focus being on “now”. Each day is a special gift with a zest and zeal to live out the day. Everyone needs a loving home to visit, so make yours one of them. What begins within becomes without thus becoming known as your personality. Make Mr./Ms. Personality the head of your household and friendships will knock on your door. Get together with your friends and do social outings to enhance companionship and fellowship. Don’t worry about a relationship this will happen on its own with you being too out and about to care. This will bond your friendships while making them stronger and meaningful. You’ll move up to the next level, which are true best friends. The ones that last forever! Case and point, I’m going on a Gay Cruise to celebrate my 25th anniversary with one of my best friends. The common goal is to see and be seen, flirt, eat, party down, and act like whores in a Boot Camp. True, we may be eighty-sixed and dock bound, but we’ll have each other to keep company and cuss out. In Singlesville, you learn to be alone, but not lonely welcoming the solitude. Isolation can lead to a road where you’ll find a river to drown in your loneliness, so steer clear of it at all costs. With solitude comes “me time” which will become very valuable and rewarding in itself. For some, spiritually come into play with prayer and meditation becoming part of your daily routine. Keep busy! Stay active! Give of yourself and become involved in an organization and groups that peak your personal interests. Meanwhile, you take on home improvement projects and hobbies which will keep you busy. Yes, cooking for one is basically boring with shopping for one being no picnic in the park either. Perfect your cooking skills by having a blast in the kitchen by trying new ideas. Kitchen rejects go to either a potluck where you won’t be invited back or Homeless Shelter where they’ll never eat again. Make shopping a passion and adventure that’s to live for. Me? I ventured off into antiques and came across an old alarm clock from the 50’s and a mantel clock made in 1910. I bought a part of the past into my future while improving on home décor. Put Martha Steward to shame by making household chores fun and make your home a reflection of the person who you are. Household chores could lead to a career as a Maid if you’re ever downsized. Me? I pretend to be a Stepford Wife with my home looking quite presentable and welcoming. Yes, I sometimes dress up to go shopping to keep to fantasy into play. Dockers, Black jeans, and your standard fare gay attire from the closet of a former Model gone to Writing. Being creative does help roll out the ensembles gang! And yes, I’m a fashion plate at work or a casual slob. Another thing to do is sing in the shower, it does pay off. At first, the neighbors used to call the Cops about sounds of a Child or Animal being severely tortured. As time went by, I wasn’t petitioned by parish members to stop singing. I was asked to join the choir which gave me another social activity and at the same time setting myself up to be seen. Hey, the thing to remember in Singlesville is work what you got! Learn how to knit, croquette, plastic canvas, or needlepoint. Yes, at first you’ll have weird looking and uneven projects as an end result. But in time, you’ll be whipping out projects like crazy while keeping your mind busy and occupied. This will give you something to do at home in-between household and social outings. You’ll be able to sell these little mama’s in the Bazaars at Work and Church generating another income into your household. In Singles Ville, it’s all about making the dough. Nobody wants to marry into poverty. Do a Movie Night or take in a matinee which will help the budget if you’re concerned about costs. Come Oscar Night, you’ve seen most or all of the movies nominated and will be the hit at the Oscar party that you’ll attend. This is Singlesville, where everything that you do has a payoff. Art House Movies make excellent conversation for dinner or parties. For those trailers that didn’t make the cut for a movie you’d shell out the bucks to see, do a video night. The same rule applies to Art House Movies that you went to sleep on. Popcorn, snacks, make the evening more exciting and during this time the phone will usually ring giving you something else to do. Personal distractions do pay off in Singlesville with the evening turning into a video with a friend. Depending on how many times the phone rings this could turn into a party. Take a hike, for real! Throwing yourself out of the house to commune with nature is relaxing and an adventure in itself. There’s a group that meets for hikes if you don’t want to go it alone while at the same time meeting new people. Me? I prefer to do it alone. I like to take my time and enjoy the view while at the same time clearing my mind. This is a good place to pray and meditate with it becoming a stroll through your mind. So what if it takes me two days for a all day hike, I reach the top in my own time. And besides, some of the hiking trails are a Death Baton March that can leave you breathless after the first bend. For grins and giggles, you can write letters to inmates who are up for parole in your ex’s name. They say that paybacks are a real bitch and this would definitely be one of those payoffs. Me? I have a very filthy imagination that stems from being celibate with the sexual intent being explicative and graphic. The thought of my ex getting the hell screwed out of him in his doorway by a stranger named Bubba gives me great comfort in Singlesville.
© Nevin Jefferson, All Rights Reserved
Archive 2001


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