The Saga Continues…Condom or Consequences!

The Saga Continues….

 Condom or Consequences!

 Archive Saga:6/9/2003

By Nevin Jefferson

“Alarming HIV rise in county.” Yes gang, the misbehaving in the Gay Community made front-page news with Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public thinking that all gay men are whores in eternal heat. Not to mention selfish, self-centered, and insensitive with a twist of suicidal sissies to the delight of all of the anti-gay groups and the Religious Wrong. Public health officials estimate the infection rate in gay men will jump by 60% if the latest rave of complacency, recklessness or prevention burnout is carried on with a vengeance. New HIV infection rates are running high because of unsafe sexual behavior due in part of irresponsibility and stupidity of the worst degree. Complacency is much too kind because how can one be unaware of the dangers involved when it’s in your face every direction you look. Ignoring the real fact of the manner and denying it doesn’t make it go away. Nor does saying; “AIDS is not a problem.” It is, it shall be, and is an epidemic staring us in the face. Recklessness is a cute way of saying that someone has self-destructive tendencies and needs therapy. Prevention burnout? Let’s get real here! Preventive measures are the best way to go regardless of the inconvenience “The new information is frightening. It’s astounding.” Dr. Bob Wood, director of the HIV/AIDS program for Public Health, Seattle and King County. This is coming from the same guy who thinks that barebacking isn’t a problem in the gay community. Doesn’t he know that unsafe sex and barebacking are one in the same? Guess not! The agency’s clinics identified 94 new HIV infections in gay men tested last year. Testing through April indicates there could be more than 150 cases by the end of this year. The clinics account for only a fraction of HIV testing in the county the numbers is considered to be a representative sampling. The spread of the AIDS virus in Seattle’s gay community is appalling, but not something to be surprised or shocked about. Health officials have been reporting increased rates of sexually transmitted diseases and warning that HIV would make an entrance on the scene for the past several years. Aids Activists and concerned citizens have been trying to stop the stupidity for the longest time only to get slammed into a brick wall. Syphilis had been eliminated from King County then made an epidemic come back with health officials guess-a-mating 100 case of syphilis, mostly among gay men. According to Bob Wood, the up rise in STD rates indicates more risky sexual behavior and warns that it could lead to a second wave of HIV infection in Seattle and King County. With condoms being a forgotten fad like the hula-hoop and nobody caring enough about themselves or the people involved the outcome was already evident. “Aids is no longer as scary as it used to be.” Bob Wood. Really? A disease with no cure or with no vaccine over boiling in a beacon in a labotorory is considered to be no basic biggie. On that logic along gay men are sucking and f**king like there’s no tomorrow without condoms or telling their HIV status or failing to notice a sore or lesion in the genitals. Bob Wood is also under the impression that AIDS is a long-term, manageable disease. Let’s try treatable with side effects, resistance, and mutation lurking around the corner. Then there’s the strain of AIDS that ‘s resistance to all medicines causing the person to have a funeral on stand-by. The fear factor is gone and unsafe behavior is becoming an high infection rate due to the above it all attitude. The going theory is that young gay men may be complacent about the disease while older gay men waiting for a cure or vaccine may be tired after two decades and experience what experts call prevention burnout. Which generation wins the “unclear of the concept” award for the century? Curing a virus is easier said than done with an estimated cure factor not estimating at all. The logical approach to this is to practice safe and safer sex while taking the prescribed drugs until a cure does happen to concoct in the research labs. Bob Wood also points out that people still die from AIDS. With a death factor involved you’d think that people would adept and knock off the weirdo, wacko, risky sexual behavior. The mindset that being gay is all about having sex without any other interests shows that the light bulb is busted with the thinker in total darkness. “It’s up to the gay community to fight the trend. I don’t think it’s just complacency, it’s also denial and carelessness. ” Jack Johnston director of Positive Power, an educational program designed to educate HIV+ people about reducing their risk of spreading the disease. Sexually active gay and bisexual men aren’t unique in wanting to avoid the stigma and fear that can accompany a positive HIV test. Sexually active gay and bisexual men don’t want to be held accountable for their actions. It’s easier to not get tested and infect others without either partner knowing. It’s easier to snub people who are HIV+ and tell the interested party their status getting their feelings hurt and made to feel like a leper. HIV+ people have more at stake here, they’re more subjective to germs, infections, and can get the super infection if they don’t play by the rules. A sexually active person can wipe them out and not know if they’re infected themselves especially if they’ve never been tested. Not knowing what you’re leaving behind seems to work for the sexually active people who are HIV+ bound. Try as you may, you won’t escape unscathed. Johnston believes that members of the gay community can lead the way in creating an open, positive dialogue that can make everyone safer. According to David Richart, director of education and prevention for Lifelong Aids Alliance cuts in funding for AIDS prevention programs have made it harder to reach those most at risk. Lifelong Aids Alliance will start a public education campaign in July that features bus placards and involves reaching people through the Internet. “There’s a lot of stuff on the Web promoting unsafe sex.” David Richart. Yes, there is and I’ve exposed them to you my dear readers in an effort to do my part in this War against AIDS and STD’s. With HIV infections soaring and the use of condoms plunging, public health officials and AIDS activists are urging members of the gay and bisexual community to engage in safe sex and get tested for HIV and STD’s. So far this effort has been like ice-skating rinks in Hell! You can’t avoid the truth and you reap what you sow. It’s as simple as that! For the sake of sanity, get tested, get treated, practice safe and safer sex, and strive to be a perfect role model for your fellow gay.
The Saga Continues… Archive Saga: 6/9/2003


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