The Saga Continues…March Madness!

 The Saga Continues…
March Madness!
By Nevin Jefferson

My Sister,Juanez called me over the weekend from Texas. For the past weeks she’s being trying to get help with her mortgage. Only to be told that “I don’t know how to do the paperwork!” She asked me if I had any suggestions? I told her that I’d think on it and write a Saga about it. And now the Saga…

The Burning Bush left ashes of a trillion dollar deficit complete with a 14 month recession and a broken financial system. This was President Obama’s inheritance after being sworn into office twice due to a nervous Republican Supreme Court Judge. The consensus in the Black community is that he did it on purpose because President Obama didn’t vote for him when he was in the Senate. After a powerful State of the Union Address with solutions to help rebuild America with the hope of better tomorrow finally arriving on that day. Cheers and Kudzu’s to you President Obama!

Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana gave the rebuttal address with an immediate refusal of the Stimulus money. This refusal and slam was also coming from the Republican Governors Association. Republican Party. This was after all who the Republican party chose to represent them. He slapped Stimulus money for unemployment and other funding assistance back into the face of President Obama. As well as a kick in the teeth to the people of the State Louisiana People where there people are still hurting from Katrina and are of need of the unemployment money since unemployment is bad there. Now get this gang, Governor Jindal boasted of being a Proud Native America. No proud Native America would snub a Black man who was voted in as the President of the United States and refuse the help being offered to his State. Nor would he deny the promise made to uphold and care for the State of Louisiana in in which he was elected to. In the Black Community Governor Jindal is the irrelevant of “Uncle Tom with a Forked Tongue”.

If a White Republican gave this same speech all hell would have broke loose. Because it’s very oblivious that some Whites are having a problem with a Black President in office. The racist actions and discrimination towards the President and the America Public is crawling out of the woodworks. Roots of the Burning Bush are still deep in the Republican Party.

As money from the economic stimulus packages flows other Republican Governors are rejecting their states share of 7 billion for enhanced unemployment benefits with the reason being that the strings that Congress attached would lead to higher business taxes. In order to get the funding States must expand unemployment benefits which will include part-time workers who lose their jobs. Texas had an unemployment rate of 6.4% in January and is entitled to $555 million. This would be the help that the citizens of Texas could use. Texas Governor Rick Perry is rejecting the money because his state would have to raise taxes on business or cut back the benefits once the federal funding runs out. I strongly doubt that $555 million would run out too soon. I see this total depleting on if the The Deplorable Ex-Factor Bush files for unemployment. The State of Texas would be deeply screwed again without a kiss.

Republican Governor Association chairman Mark Sanford of South Carolina leds the posse of conservative GOP Governors who have rejected or considered rejecting the unemployment money or other funding from the 787 billion stimulus package. Get this,South Carolina had the nations second highest unemployment rate in January at 10.4%. Haley Barbour of Mississippi and Bob Riley of Alabama also have rejected the unemployment funds. The time to put aside petty agendas and politics during the economic crisis is now. These are the same goof ball boys network who helped incur the trillion dollar deficit. The damages done was just fine by them because they couldn’t care less.Their rejection of the expanded unemployment benefit is going to hurt laid off workers who will need the benefits to survive. Without the help the laid off workers could find themselves homeless. If funds for the homeless is included in the stimulus they’re be double screwed again without a kiss. The Republicans doesn’t care about anything or anyone but themselves. They’re pissed because a Black President is now over them all along with the majority of Democrats. And a mighty fine First Lady.

History repeats itself with the cycles going full circle with the Dumb Old South rising again from Hell! Social bigotry is on the rise and it’s charmed every so Southern. Complete with hatred racism. and discrimination. Blacks are a majority with them hurting the most by the denial and rejection of stimulus money promised to them by President Obama. The promised help and all of their hopes were denied leaving them out in the cold. Where’s the light of hope that they need? Who’s going to help strangle the government with red tape? What are people to do when they’re repeatedly told that they cant’ get help with their mortgages because they don’t know how to do the paperwork? Will someone please this chick! And this is said with glee and malice at the end of the line from the Banks and Agencies in the South. It’s a power play that’s being played out and put to bed.
God’s people are suffering again down yonder! With Answered Prayers, we will take the fate of getting the stimulus into the South’s hands. I’m in all favor of a giant Protest March Demanding an Impeachment of all of the Governors involved. I’m all in favor of canvassing and pledging people for a Class Action Suit Against the Governors,Not the States. The suit would hold the Governors responsible for their actions and all parties involved who didn’t follow the direct orders from their Black President. A Class Action Law Suit is the best way to get the stimulus money into the hands of the people. When it’comes to money its best to have someone who knows dollars and cents. Face it, The governors are saying no to the money that isn’t theirs. And they can’t spent it. This alone is giving them conniption fits. The Civil Rights movement started in the churches of the south, so it’s only fitting that we put God first again in his Temple. Almighty Fortress is Our God! From the churches into homes then venturing out into Neighborhoods ,Malls,Businesses, and Community Centers. Cavessing in local neighborhoods both at the doors and in high traffic ares is the most effective way to to reach out those who want to stand up and be counted out some dough. Contact the NAACP,ACLU, LAMBA,NELP (The National Employment Law Project) to handle Unemployment cases. Contact Financial Agencies . In order to get the change that we all fought for during this election its by filing Class Action Suit is it! This is after all our America…”The land of the sued!”


Saga Notes:Nevin is appearing weekly at the Vibe Bar in Kent,WA for karaoke. Tuesday and
Friday 9:00p.m.-Close.


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