He Is Risen! Revision

The Saga Continues…A Revision
He Is Risen!

By Nevin Jefferson

News item on the Internet: “Dozens of Greek and Armenian priests and worshipers exchanged blows at one of Christianity’s holiest shrines on Orthodox Palm Sunday and used palm fronds to pummel police who tried to break up the brawl”.
So much for Easter cheer here gang! In light of this violent and unloving celebration where “Man’s way not God’s way” rules. I present the following Saga complete with Saints, Sinners, and Easter miracles manifested through the power of prayer and Jesus truly awakening within us all.

In the blink of a now moment, I was rushed to the hospital after Jim D., a good friend of mine called 911 on a Monday since I was too sick and out of it. I’d been laying on the floor of my apartment since Friday. Why? Because everything I went to the ER on my own they always sent me back home stating that I was fine. Well, I wasn’t which is why my knee became infected after the car accident 2 years earlier. I figured to wait it out then go in an ambulance to avoid the waiting and waiting and waiting in the ER with wackos from mental city. All hell would have broke loose had they tried to send me home ailing physically and mentally . Besides that, they medics had cut me out of my nightshirt leaving me butt naked with nothing to wear at all for real!

My patience died leaving behind a very ill and irritable 53 year old Black man who wasn’t able to breathe, had a extremely bad case of pneumonia, high elevated heart beat caused by the poison in my knee that was now being pumped throughout my entire body. I couldn’t walk due to the shot, swollen and infected left knee. My body took a timeout sparked by my liver and kidneys which resulted in my being put on oxygen and hooked up to every and all machines with tubes galore. According to the doctors, it was a touch and go situation with my dying being a possibility in this factor. Other than “this” I was fine! “This” became my admittance into the ICU ward at St. Francis Hospital in Federal Way Washington. Yes gang, “The Saga Almost Ended!”… For Real!

Throughout this experience I was found, blessed, and healed. I was found in prayers by my family of parishioners from St. George Episcopal Church in Maple Valley. Linda B. Caregiver Team, sent a email about my critical condition to my St. George Family. Eva B, 90 years young who’s battling cancer started a Prayer chain for me. Father Joe, arrived the next day with his Book of Common Prayers book which was given to him when he was ordained by his mentor and Priest. He also bought me roses in a vase with a beanie ape clinking on it. He immediately laid hands on me and offered up prayers for healing. I felt the power of God channel through Father Mikel . I felt myself being lifted up into the arms of God through the power of the Holy Spirit.

I was still founding or being found in prayer when Father Joe called my cousin Squeeky in Chicago,IL. And told her man’s prediction about my fate and not God’s. Yes gang, the verdict was in from the Docs..five days and I who be Walter Nevin Jefferson the last! For real! I cousin Squeeky called my immediate family whom I hadn’t talked to in years. Even after I muttered to her “not to” while half here and half there. Prayers tallies;I had prayers going in Washington, Chicago, Texas,and Italy where my nephew Ramone is stationed in the Navy with his wife and kids. Worldwide Universal, I’m so loved!

I was healed as my spirit lifted up to God through prayers and petitions. I didn’t have the bright lights, bells and whistles that Heaven is told of. For me, it was like closing your eyes and drifting off into a deep sleep with a total nothing of darkness afterwards. I was healed by the healing hands of God and the healing power of the Christ within me. It was the love and care and show of support that gave me strength to conquer the health issues that I was facing.

On Easter morning thousand of years ago, God awakened his son Jesus Christ from death into life… a new life for all of us After 10 plus days of critical care I was moved during the early morning of Easter into the recovery unit. On the Easter morning of March 23rd, 2008 I was awakened from a deep slumber by the spirit of Christ within me. Hospitals being the drama makers that they are “LOST” me! Rev. Deacon Chris became Mary Magdalene whom went in search of me because my body had gone missing like Jesus body had been. God connected her with my brother Michael in New Mexico who had called and was told that I was no longer there! Shocker-Shocker on Easter morn.

Later on that Easter Evening, I received my Easter Communion from the Rev. Deacon Chris who was now joined by her husband Jaye who presented me with Easter Lilies. This was the spiritual feeding that I needed to help nurture to my soul. The Body and Blood of Christ is good for the Soul and the rememberance of Christ. Chaplin Page Lane, (Kent, Wa) sang hymns to me and to others as her “gifted” voice carried its way through the hallways and corridors. I’m a living witness who can testify that Prayers are heard, answered, and “WORK!”

Good always come out of the things that Our Heavenly Father takes us through to get us through. I’m now talking to my immediate Family and it’s like we’ve never been apart. I talk to Juanez the oldest child and only girl of a five son family on a regular basis. Thank God, for free mobile to mobile phone plans. I’m a walking testimony of what God can do!

I’m now called “The Miracle Man”(now with license plates to proof it) of St. George’s. Whose Mission is: “To reveal to the world the healing love of Jesus Christ through all we share”I’m the man who was healed on Easter morning. He is risen in me! He is risen in you! His spirit lives within me and His spirit lives within you. Yeah God! Yeah You! Yeah Me! Praise the Lord! Amen!

Three weeks afterwards I returned to Haborview Medical Center which is the Cook County Hospital of Washington where I usually go. I’m in a clinical trial for HIV/AIDS medications since I’m resistance to all medications with the virus being in mutation. Yes gang, I’m a walking Sci-Fi movie. I have been POZ since 1981 and at the time there was nothing else that the Medical Profession could do. Here we go again! Anyway, I was told and shown my test results to prove it that I’m “Un-Detectable” which means that there’s not a trace of the virus in my body and my T-Cells are above 500. Actually 588, but I’m not going to get technical about it. Why? Because I already have, so there! God’s continuing healing continues with me through the healing power of Jesus Christ within me. God is good all of the time! Happy Easter!

It’s one year later with this episode still being talked about and I’m still Un-Detectable.
Keeping this in mind, I’m going back into the workforce as either a Senior Computer Operator or Tech Support and Help Desk Specialist. Once gainfully employed I’ll be off of Disability taking care of myself. Thank you God!

Saga Notes: I’d like to thank my St. George Family for their love, support, and prayers. I pray for the reposed soul of Eva who passed away after her battle with Cancer last year. I’d also like to thank my kinship,the Jefferson and Looney family. And I’d like to thank my two living creatures in the form of cats..Bootsie and Purrfecto who forgave me for getting sick and leaving them in the hands of my Christian family who stopped by to take care of them.


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